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St. Louis Heart Surgeons, Heart Doctors, and Cardiovascular Specialists at SLU Hospital

It’s a new approach to heart care. SLUCare cardiologists and cardiac surgeons at Saint Louis University Hospital have developed a more patient-focused, individualized concept with the Center for Comprehensive Cardiovascular Care – the “C4.”

Co-directed by SLUCare physicians Michael Lim, MD and Richard Lee, MD, the new center is housed on the hospital’s main campus and is highlighted by their specialized team’s fusion of what are normally two separate services – cardiology and cardiac surgery. This ensures that heart patients have all their medical teams working collaboratively to provide the best possible care.

Our cardiology department at Saint Louis University Hospital have been recognized for:

FOX2: Energy drinks may cause heart problems in young kids


December 9, 2014, ST. LOUIS – An alarming number of young children have suffered serious cardiac and neurological symptoms after drinking energy drinks, according to a new study presented at the American Heart Association annual conference in Chicago. Find out more…

Heart Attack Rates in St. Louis


November 21, 2014, ST. LOUIS – New data from the American Heart Association (AHA) shows mortality rates for heart attack in the St. Louis area are lower than the national average at 5.4% rather than 6.3% across the nation. The…

Where You Live May Increase Heart Disease Risk


November 12, 2014, ST. LOUIS – New data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) finds some states fare worse than others when it comes to heart disease risk. In looking at risk factors, including high blood pressure and cholesterol, smoking…

FOX2: New device for leaky heart valves prevents need for major surgery


October 15, 2014, ST. LOUIS – Saint Louis University Hospital heart specialists have a new option to treat mitral valve regurgitation in a device called MitraClip. For more information, Michael Lim, MD, co-director of the Center for Comprehensive Cardiovascular Care (C4)…

Michael Lim, MD, and Richard Lee, MD, implant a MitraClip at Saint Louis University Hospital to repair a patient's leaky valve rather than perform open surgery

KMOX Radio: Cardiac Surgeons Use Non-Invasive Approach to Fix Mitral Valves


September 24, 2014, ST. LOUIS – Saint Louis University Hospital cardiac specialists are offering a new device to treat patients’ leaky mitral valves without open cardiac surgery. It’s a device called the MitraClip. Richard Lee, MD, co-director of the Center for Comprehensive Cardiovascular…

Dr. Michael Lim with a patient


As a heart patient, it’s important to understand the potential repercussions that come with any treatment decision. Fortunately, you have the power to influence your overall cardiac care experience. Start by exploring your options. Empower yourself with better information to make the best decision for your heart health. Most importantly, partner with a proven team of cardiac specialists who will work to provide you with the best outcome possible.